documenta urbana

Ever since the first documenta 1955 in Kassel Arnold Bode propagated the idea of a documenta urbana -  a documenta besides the art exhibition which devotes itself to designing, planning and the  development of our environment. This idea has not been implemented untill 1982 when there were even two documenta urbana as a part of the documenta 7:

One of them has been built by well-known architects in the tradition of the Hellerau settlement and the building exhibition in Kassel’s Dönche.

The other one – which has not been built – has been published as a catalogue with contributions of international artists on the topic of problems of already existing towns with the title “documenta urbana – turn visible” according to the idea of Lucius Burckhardt.

After more then 20 years the idea of Lucius Burckhardt continues to answer the question: How would a documanta urbana look like in a time of gobalisation, transformation, shrinking cities and the minor growth of the economy?

Manuel Cuadra, Helmut Holzapfel and Wolfgang Schulze moderate the documenta urbana since 2005.